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Gourmet Ground Coffee

Gourmet Ground Coffee

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Immerse yourself in the sophistication of our Gourmet Ground Coffee, a unique blend of premium beans from the most prestigious coffee-growing regions. Enjoy a refined cup with complex notes, a silky body and an intoxicating aroma that will transport you to the heights of the most exclusive coffee plantations.

Fragrance and aroma with citrus and caramel notes. Flavor of grapefruit, lime and brown sugar. Prolonged aftertaste. Bright citric acidity. Round, consistent body.

  • Municipality: Concordia
  • State: Chiapas
  • Country: Mexico
  • Height: Between 1,150 and 1,300 meters above sea level
  • Varieties: Sarchimor, caturra, catimor, catuaí, obata, anacafe14 and tupí.
  • Process: Semi-washed
  • Fermentation: Rest for 88 hours in cherry in an anaerobic environment.
  • Drying: Patio
  • Roast: Medium/Dark
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